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The Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC) is a 150-bed integrated cancer hospital that offers state-of-the-art comprehensive cancer care. It is South East Asia's first Proton Therapy and a major milestone in India's concerted focus to battle and conquer cancer. Powered by a cutting-edge multi room Proton Centre, APCC is revolutionizing radiation oncology not just in India, but across the region. The hospital is a beacon of hope for over 3.5 billion people.AMENITIES, UNWAVERING FOCUS ON PATIENT DELIGHT:The Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is all about healthcare done the first-class way. The art of hospitality is a focal point of our service. The treatment process for cancer is demanding; this is why we go the extra mile to ensure that we give you the exclusivity, the convenience and amenities to make your experience as easy, pleasant and positive as it can be.Awarence: Apollo Hospitals has been a pioneer in introducing comprehensive cancer screening in India. Apollo’s 360-degree cancer care programme has worked hard to ensure wide access to early detection through its Organ Specific Cancer Screening ClinicsAccessibleCancer Care at Apollo Hospitals seeks to take ground breaking developments in oncology to the very bottom of the pyramid. The Group has constantly stretched, both in commitment and innovation, to take cancer care to as many people as possibleAilment-focussedApollo has made unprecedented investments in next generation infrastructure and cutting-edge technology equipment to offer the most comprehensive and integrated approach to cancer careAffordableCost advantage is a key pillar in Apollo’s mission of touching life with the gift of health. The Group has consistently cutting-edge healthcare at a fraction of global costsProton therapy, also known as Proton Beam Therapy, is an advanced type of external beam Radiation Therapy. In Proton Therapy, surgeons use high-energy proton beams, instead of X-rays, to treat cancer. These high-precision beams irradiate the tumour and destroy it by attacking only the cancer cells.Proton therapy uses high-energy proton beam for cancer treatment. Its game changing efficacy in treating cancer has made it the pinnacle of radiation therapy in the world. Proton therapy has ushered in a new paradigm of clinical excellence and outcomes in cancer treatment. It provides targeted treatment and precision unlike any other radiation treatment.

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  • Proton therapy
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Surgical Gastroentology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurology
  • Pediatrics

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4/661, Dr Vikram Sarabai Instronic Estate 7th St, Dr. Vasi Estate, Phase II, Tharamani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600096

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