Ayurkshethra Ayurveda Hospital, Cherthala, Kerala


Ayurkshethra establishment started by Sree Sanku Vaidyar in 1909, presently is devolved by the 3rd generation has eventually transcended into Ayurkshethra Group of Companies. Through integrated approach, Ayurkshethra Group has been rendering excellent services in India as well as abroad. The Group's primary centreing services are catered through Ayurkshethra Ayurveda Hospitals having its head office in Cherthala, Alappuzha, has surpassed and started branches across the world. The Group embarked on institutional education and started Ayurkshethra Institute of Ayurveda Medical Science (AIAMS) which received award for being World's Largest Para- Medical Trainer. As an innovative program in ayurveda, the Group commenced Mobile Clinic for the vulnerable people in the rural areas. Bolstering itself in the line of ayurveda practice, the Group expanded further with Village Resort in Cherthala, Charity Foundations, etc. The Group abides by its indomitable ayurvedic treatments and procedures inherited from generations to propel the wondrous traditional medical therapies to greater heights.The famed Ayurkshethra Wellness Centres are spread in different locations in Kerala and abroad. Expert hands render traditional ayurveda therapies like General body massage (Uzhichil), Pizhichil, Shirodhara, Paada Abhyanga, Ela Kizhi, Podi Kizhi and Nasyam. All kinds of skin, body and beauty therapies are also attracting large number of visitors from abroad. General consultations and treatments for nerve disorders have also been made available at the centre.

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Dhanwanthari Road,Near K.V.M Hospital, Cherthala, Cherthala, Kerala 688524

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