Hospitals in KERALA

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Cochin

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital), based in Kochi, Kerala, is recognised as one of the premier hospitals in South Asia. Our commitment to affordable quality care has attracted a dedicated team of highly qualified medical professionals and other healthcare professionals from across the world to provide the highest standards of medical treatment. Founded in 1998 by Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (known worldwide as AMMA), Amrita Hospital offers a full range of primary and specialty care medical services, with cross-specialty consultation. 


Aster Medcity, located in a very picturesque location in Kochi, the business capital of God’s Own Country, is already home to highly skilled doctors. With the most advanced technology for diagnostics and therapeutics, Aster Medcity has attracted many highly skilled healthcare professionals from abroad as well as the rest of India, catalyzing considerable reverse brain drain.

A world-class quaternary care centre with one Multispeciality Hospital and eight separate Centres of Excellence, Aster Medcity combines the best of talent and technology to provide holistic treatment with a multidisciplinary approach.

Across the years, Aster Medcity aspires to evolve into a medical destination - one that attracts and nurtures the best talent, keeps upgrading technology as well as fosters research, education and a distinctive work culture that is ethically and socially relevant.

Aster Medcity Set in a soothingly beautiful 40-acre waterfront campus, Aster Medcity is a 670-bed quaternary care facility with one Multispeciality Hospital and eight separate Centres of Excellence in Cardiac Sciences, Neurosciences, Orthopaedics & Rheumatology, Nephrology & Urology, Oncology, Women’s Health, Child & Adolescent Health and Gastroenterology & Hepatology.

The first quaternary care hospital in Kerala to achieve the coveted JCI (Joint Commission International) Accreditation – the gold standard in global healthcare, Aster Medcity also won the NABH Accreditation, first-ever NABH Award for Excellence in Nursing and Green OT (Green Operation Theatres) Certification by Bureau Veritas – all within one year of opening its door to the world.

One of the most advanced healthcare destinations in India, Aster Medcity offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic technology to facilitate efficient and accurate treatment.We'll Treat You Well

Aster MIMS Hospital, Calicut, Kerala

Aster MIMS, a NABH accredited hospital is a 673-bedded multi speciality care center delivering an entire range of preventive, acute and outpatient services. The hospital, located in the heart of city of Kozhikode in Kerala is ideal for people seeking treatment from various ailments, not only because of its superiority in infrastructure but also because of its commitment in operating with the highest standards of safety, cleanliness, integrity and honesty. There is absolutely no substitute for good health, and health of the people is the first priority for Aster MIMS.

With Level IV Trauma Care centre, Advanced Interventional Radiology, sophisticated intensive care facilities and the best blood bank in the district, thanks to its component separation facility feature, MIMS continuously strives to provide the best all-round care. All the care centres in the hospital are fully equipped with the latest technological brilliance aiding in complete and comprehensive treatment of patients.

Aster MIMS is the first hospital in Kerala to introduce a state-of-the-art micro-technology for curing kidney stone(s). Dr. Rojan Kuruvilla, Senior Consultant, Department of General Surgery at Aster MIMS has been credited for discovering the unique technique of removing retrosternal goitre.The fully enhanced Cochlear Implant Clinic at Aster MIMS has been involved in utilizing sophisticated technology to help you hear the world around you.Our full-fledged team consists of highly experienced audiologists, surgeons and others who are dedicated to the evaluation, surgery and follow-up care of patients with hearing impairment. Aster MIMS is traced as one of the pioneer centre for cochlear implantation in Kerala.

Ayurgreen Ayurveda Hospital

Ayurgreen Ayurveda Hospital is located at malappuram district.Edappal, Malappuram District,We have a high energy and intensive programs based on neural plasticity in Neuro Rehabilitation patients, target oriented and one on one approach, using physical -occupational -speech therapy skills, psycho – social support and advanced technology.

Treatment sessions are carried out timely and strictly (45 minutes one session) in the best location to suit your goals; be it at room, in our Intensive Physiotherapy department, Robotic Rehabilitation unit or Aquatic pool based on your functional goals.

Physiotherapists and other Rehab Therapists at Ayurgreen are experienced in providing Neurological Rehabilitation for a variety of conditions including:

Stroke,Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy
Gillian Barre Syndrome, Post-Polio Syndrome

Ayurveda Treatments:

NASYA is One of the panchakarma procedure in which prescribed medicine is administrated through nostrils.

VASTHI: It is a therapeutic procedure, in which medicines are administrated in to body through rectum.
It is considered as the most important procedure in panchakarma therapy.

Virechana & metabolic syndrome
Virechana is effective in metabolic syndrome with decrease in the fecal fat content, fasting blood glucose, serum triglyceride and reduced fatty changes in liver, heart and kidney. Indirectly increase the insulin sensitivity in insulin receptors present in skeletal muscles.

Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Treatments:

Ortho- neuro rehabilitation,Robotic Assisted Rehabilitation, Pain Management
Spine care, Weight Reduction programme, Hydrotherapy, Pediatric Physiotherapy

Ayurkshethra Ayurveda Hospital, Cherthala, Kerala

Ayurkshethra establishment started by Sree Sanku Vaidyar in 1909, presently is devolved by the 3rd generation has eventually transcended into Ayurkshethra Group of Companies. Through integrated approach, Ayurkshethra Group has been rendering excellent services in India as well as abroad. The Group's primary centreing services are catered through Ayurkshethra Ayurveda Hospitals having its head office in Cherthala, Alappuzha, has surpassed and started branches across the world. The Group embarked on institutional education and started Ayurkshethra Institute of Ayurveda Medical Science (AIAMS) which received award for being World's Largest Para- Medical Trainer. As an innovative program in ayurveda, the Group commenced Mobile Clinic for the vulnerable people in the rural areas. Bolstering itself in the line of ayurveda practice, the Group expanded further with Village Resort in Cherthala, Charity Foundations, etc. The Group abides by its indomitable ayurvedic treatments and procedures inherited from generations to propel the wondrous traditional medical therapies to greater heights.

The famed Ayurkshethra Wellness Centres are spread in different locations in Kerala and abroad. Expert hands render traditional ayurveda therapies like General body massage (Uzhichil), Pizhichil, Shirodhara, Paada Abhyanga, Ela Kizhi, Podi Kizhi and Nasyam. All kinds of skin, body and beauty therapies are also attracting large number of visitors from abroad. General consultations and treatments for nerve disorders have also been made available at the centre.

Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut

The vision 'affordable, accessible and quality healthcare for all', a dream of visionary, Dr. K G Alexander was made a reality in 1987 with the commencement of Baby Memorial Hospital (BMH). The novel initiative then marked a revolution in the healthcare segment in Kerala, thus symbolizing an answer for the growing healthcare demands of the state. A tribute to late K C Varghese (known as 'Baby'), father of Dr. K G Alexander, the Chairman and Managing Director, the hospital has set a benchmark in offering unprecedented care. With only 52 beds when started, the hospital now boasts world‐class amenities, which includes:

600 beds, Over 40 Medical and Surgical departments,Exceptional paramedical support system,16 world-class operation theatres.
11 fully equipped ultramodern ICU, 24‐hours accident and trauma care unit.

Adhering to strict and ethical medical practices, the hospital team ‐ which expands to 300 doctors and over 2000 nursing, paramedical and administrative staff – relentlessly strive to keep up our ideology, ' more than care '.

At BMH, we have ultra modern, super specialty block, which houses the state-of-the-art departments of Cardiology, Oncology, Neurosciences, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. These departments comprise ICUs, specialized operation theatres and clinical laboratories, which are run by the best medical professionals in the country, thus helping us provide world class medical facilities to our patients. In the year 2006, we started Post Graduate DNB courses for doctors, for six specialties under the National Board of exams, as part of our commitment to the younger generation and with a purpose of fostering young talent.

Further on, The Baby Memorial School of Nursing and the College of Nursing were established in 1995 and 2002 respectively. These institutes conduct courses in Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery, B.Sc. in Nursing and M.Sc. in Nursing. 

Chaithanya Eye Hospital, Kerala

Chaithanya Eye Hospital & Research Institute (CEHRI) is a super speciality hospital at Kochi committed to the care and treatment of eye diseases and disorders. To deliver its vision - Prevention of blindness, the institute has been labouring and taking initiatives to reach each stratum of the society with quality eye care. Manned by highly qualified doctors, trained medical and para-medical staff, the institute remains wedded to high ethical standards and state of the art treatment techniques spread across five districts in the state of Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Thiruvalla, Kottayam, Kochi).

In accordance with our founder Dr. KGR Nair’s dream about the future of eye care in Kerala, the institute is committed to - Giving light, Protecting vision and Spreading hope. The first private institution in the south of Kerala dedicated to providing quality and state of the art eye care facilities. The institute has grown to its present form with an impressive group of consultants offering a wide range of super specialty ophthalmic care with the most modern equipment and supported by experienced and qualified technical staff.

Recognising that advancement in eye care can proceed only with a multifaceted approach, Chaithanya Eye Hospital and Research Institute is the first NABH Accredited Eye Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, South Kerala. The institute strives to promote and provide superior patient care, outreach community programs for treatment and prevention of blinding diseases, educational activities for the future ophthalmic service providers and public and research activities culminating in advancements in treatment modalities.

Healthcare costs are rising all over the world. The present consumer demands innovative and new techniques of healthcare services as per their lifestyle. To utilise these healthcare services, the system demands the patient to be physically available at the doctor’s location. Whereas, research indicates that 3 out of every 4 in-patient visits to primary care physicians, emergency care - could be handled remotely via phone or video.
At Neev Tech Labs, we are building a modern way of healthcare experience – one with greater convenience, impact and value. Our telehealth platform, Connect2MyDoctor provides a comprehensive virtual platform to complement how people access and experience healthcare around the world.
Since our launch in 2016, we work with multi-speciality hospitals in Asia, Middle East and Azerbaijan. Over the time the platform has seen patients from over 15+ countries mainly using the platform for triage care, second opinion, consultation before travel and for follow up visits.
We are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and have teams based out of Bangalore, India and Dubai, UAE.
Meet our Management team

Focuz Ayur Centre

Focuz AyurCentre is a (partner firm) hospital located in a serene lush of green hills, in kerala, at Kakkancheri, KINFRA, Just 8 kms drive from Calicut international Airport. Focuz currently operates its business in two major fields such as Medical Tourism and Holidays, the Mother company functioning both in India and overseas.

Focuz AyurCentre is our new venture exclusively specialized in Ayurvedic treatment. Since the unit “Focuz Medicare and Holidayz” in 2014, management of the operations has been functioning throughout in a large scale in the field of Medical value Tourism. Since then Focuz is privileged in serving huge number of patients to the best of their expectations. Furthermore the need for the quality patient care services has continued to grow.

Focuz has now expanded its scale of business from Medical Value Tourism (MVT) to its own hospital unit Focuz Ayur Centre, considering the growing need for inpatient in ayurvedic treatment, for both Indian and International patients. Ayurveda is based on a belief that health and wellness are closely associated with the mind, body and spirit. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth. Wellness is an active, lifelong process of becoming aware of choices and making decisions toward a more balanced and fulfilling life. Our program is designed for enhancing the overall well-being of any normal healthy person.


Kairali Ayurvedic group, the epitome of a healthy lifestyle and fine living was founded in the year of 1989 with the aim of propagating the ideologies of Ayurveda throughout the world. Its founders were learned accomplished individuals who believed in the workings of Ayurveda, truly recognising its capabilities to heal and cleanse both body and soul

Lakeshore Hospital, Cochin

VPS Lakeshore Hospital,one of the largest, most comprehensive, independent multi-specialty hospitals in Kerala is recognized as a leader in medical education, groundbreaking research, and innovative, patient-centered clinical care.

The hospital has become the hospital of choice to patients' worldwide providing emergency,The advanced hi-tech healthcare facility ushers in world class standards in healthcare and offers diverse medical specialties, including Multi Organ Transplantation, Gastroenterology, G.I Surgery, Medical, Surgical Oncology, Joint Replacement, Accident & Trauma Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery Surgery, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Gynecology & more.

VPS Lakeshore was incorporated as a public limited company in 1996 and in January 2003 the hospital officially opened its doors to integrated healthcare. Over the years, the hospital has emerged as a centre of international healthcare excellence for patients in India & abroad through a broad range of advanced clinical programs and the most cutting-edge treatments and diagnostic services. VPS Lakeshore aspires to be the destination of choice for people seeking superior healthcare through leading-edge treatments and research.

The hospital has incorporated innovative diagnostic and therapeutic medical technologies keeping pace with the amazing progress of medical science which has transformed VPS Lakeshore into one of the top academic medical centers in the country.

Meitra Hospital, Kozhikode, Kerala

Meitra is one of the most advanced tertiary care centre in South India.Each patient gets the best care, every time , without any clinician bias. With a vision to become a healthcare center of international standards, Meitra effectively integrates clinical expertise and world class infrastructure to enhance the quality of life of our patients.

Meitra Hospital, Calicut, offers unparalleled clinical care, backed by expertise in almost all medical disciplines. This newly established hospital provides patients with Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Healthcare as well as a network of facilities that is conducive for good health. Meitra will strive to provide outstanding tertiary care for patients to India and beyond. Translating breakthroughs in Science and Technology into patient care, the Meitra team comprises of skilled, innovative, and passionate doctors with centres of excellence in Cardiology (heart & vascular care), Orthopaedics (bone & joint care) & Neurosciences, Center of gastro science and Center of Renal Health.

The 220 bedded hospital, currently includes 52 individual ICU suites which is first of its kind in our country, along with 7 operation theatres with front line sophisticated equipments and monitoring systems. The expansion includes a 4,32,000 square-foot area catering to 500 beds eventually spread over 6.5 acres. The elements of today’s best designs have been incorporated to improve patient care. Multi cuisine restaurants, pharmacy, entertainment and business centres and other retail opportunities to make Meitra more than just a hospital.


Rajagiri Hospital is an ambitious initiative from the renowned Rajagiri (CMI) group of institutions based in the pristine State of Kerala (India) to provide state of the art healthcare services.
This mega project is indeed a thoughtful response to the vital needs of the present day health care sector, mainly that of offering quality and affordable medical care at the hands of committed and competent health care professionals. The idea is to bring the highest standards of expertise and skill involved in the treatment of patients, using the most advanced and sophisticated instrument techniques available currently in the world and to bring the benefit of these at affordable rates to the common man.
The new Rajagiri campus for ‘Rajagiri Healthcare and Education Project’ will be a well laid out, sprawling 40-acre green landscape in the serene setting of Chunangamvely, Alwaye, in close proximity to the Cochin International Airport. The master plan of this world class holistic healthcare complex envisages a state-of-the-art Multi-specialty hospital, Medical College, Dental College, Nursing College,College of Paramedical Sciences and College of Pharmacy, Home for Senior Citizens, Centers for Alternative Medicines, Various Hostels, and Quarters, etc.
To provide the most advanced & scientific, curative, preventive & promotive healthcare that leads to an ‘abundance of life’.
To undertake specialized and holistic healthcare services of world standard and to provide them to all sections of the society, with special concern for the marginalized.

Renai Medicity

A one-stop multi super specialty hospital that will take care of all your health and medical needs. Renai Medicity, come up with an expert insight into health services has set highest standards for quality and care to ensure top-notch healthcare experience.
The hospital designed and conceived in a different way sprawls in Three acres of land adjacent to National Highway, between Palarivattom and Mamangalam, Cochin. Renai Medicity houses more than Forty departments, Envisaged to be a 500 patient bedded hospital Renai Medicity has world class Operation Theatres, 11 separate Intensive Care Units, multiple Cath Labs, State-of-the-art chest pain centre, 24-Hour Accident & Emergency care unit, most modern radiological equipment, 24 Hour Pharmacies and clinical Laboratories, centrally air conditioned Rooms, Suites and Wards, Multiple Restaurants, ample car parking facilities and more
Built in Memory of our founder late Polakulath Narayanan, the hospital has evolved to its present form from his extraordinary vision. A dream cherished by him; to provide the most advanced healthcare to the society; a complete hospital that has world class facilities, affordable treatment costs at a location very much in the heart of the city.
Upholding the motto of quality healthcare, adopting state-of-the-art equipment and bringing together most modern facilities, Renai Medicity redefines the healthcare scenario of Kerala.Renowned specialists along with well-trained paramedical staff ensure a top-quality healthcare experience.

Sabine Hospital & Research Centre

It is my privilege to introduce you to SHRC- the most innovative, successful and technologically advanced institution in the field of infertility treatment,IVF and ICSI. Our success is based on its excellence and commitment in the speciality. To grow, prosper and remain sustainable we embrace technology and transformation.

Teamwork, speed and quality are the cornerstones of SHRC.These qualities permeate the hospital’s entire organisational culture. Shared commitment, clear intent and a solid plan of action ensures we remain the best in the field of infertility treatment

I welcome you all to our website to have a detailed experience of our hospital services.


The Eye Foundation is amongst the first to introduce laser eye surgery both in laser refractive surgery as well as laser cataract surgery, which has greatly enhanced the precision of cataract & refractive operations. The Eye Foundation has also built robust research and academic arm to ensure that quality eye care remains cutting edge. The academic wing of the hospital trains doctors, optometrists and paramedical staff. Most hospitals under the “The Eye Foundation” group comply with the standards set by the National Accreditation Board of Hospitals (NABH).

Vaidya Healthcare Ayurveda

Vaidya Healthcare Hospital, Perumbavoor, Cochin is a novel enterprise of a group of healthcare experts. The core healing system that we practice is Ayurveda. In particular, the Kerala tradition of Ayurveda is followed to offer a full fledged treatment for chronic disorders. Vaidya Healthcare is also the first of its kind to incorporate Ayurveda, Yoga, Physiotherapy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Medicinal Herbalism , Chiropractic & Holistic Medicine for a comprehensive approach towards complete health. Unlike most multispeciality hospitals, those have these departments working as non-interacting silos, we functions as a single synergic unit of all these departments working in tandem to provide you with complete and long-standing healing.

Our Departments are ; Ayurveda Treatment ( Panchakarma, Abhyangam, Pizhichil, Njavarakizhi, Sirodhara, Sirovasthi, Kativasthi, Elakizhi, Nasyam, Anti-Aging, Good offspring, Rejuvenation for healthy life, Rasayana Chikitsa), Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation(includes spine and ortho rehabilitation), Yoga and Naturopathy, Holistic health care, De- stress Program, De- Addition Program.

We aslo treats these medical condition like Neurological( treatment for stoke or paralysis, Cerebral palsy, Fissures, Parkinson's diseases, Stess relief, Muscular Dystrophy), Gastroenterological( obesity, Pistula in ano, Hermmorhoides, Chron's disease and ulcerative colitis), Spine & Ortho care( Disc prolaps, Sports injury rehab, Rhematoid Arthritis), IVF & Infertility, Skin care etc.

We assures you the best in-class services. All the personnel, including the physicians and caregivers are carefully selected and are given exclusive training to give you the finest care and hospitality