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Kerala is the premier center for Ayurvedic Massage Training as well as for Ayurveda therapist training. Training and practice in these disciplines, helps to enhance the skills to become a therapist and enlarge the knowledge on Ayurveda. Enriched with Ayurveda knowledge, these training programs moulds an enthusiast to become a therapist and develop their skill-set through Ayurveda therapist training.Training courses on Panchakarma and also Ayurvedic massages are available in Kerala. These extensive theoretical and practical knowledge on Ayurveda therapies, treatments, massages, preparation of Ayurvedic oil and medicines, etc. provides for a deep study of the ancient principles of Ayurveda and are delivered to the trainees with the help of perfect modules and curriculum.The Ayurvedic Healing Village provides a refuge of complete serenity, in which one can focus entirely on the wellbeing and experience the calmness of a retreat. A full range of traditional treatments is provided to the guests at the resort, and nothing pleases us more than seeing guests solve chronic health problems after a few weeks guidance and dedication from our world-class Ayurveda team.Kairali offers personalised treatments and numerous detoxification programs which are specifically health-oriented, such as stress relief, arthritis, migraine, post pregnancy program, beauty and weight loss program and many more. Our course on Panchakarma, the essential Ayurvedic detox, is an incomparable program with uncompromised quality. We also ensure that our clients have the opportunity to educate

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D-130, Andheria Modh, Dr Ambedkar Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

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